Pandalus was established in 1969 as a prawn processing factory, hence the name “Pandalus”, which comes from the Latin name for deep-water prawns (Pandalus borealis).


Conversion of the production process

Back then, the company was owned by Swedish fishermen and Danish stakeholders, and the production process was based on Swedish fishing boats’ landings of prawns in the Port of Hanstholm, Denmark.


As these landings gradually diminished, we were forced to convert our production process for the export of fresh and frozen fish products, including in particular round fish like cod, haddock, saithe and whiting.


In the autumn of 1981, the Swedish fishermen and Danish stakeholders sold out to a trio comprising Søren T. Petersen, Jens Christian Andersen and Leif F. Andreasen, who converted the company into the present public limited company in 1992.


A generational change began in late 1997/early 1998, when Morten L. Mortensen became co-owner and Søren T. Petersen withdrew from the ownership during 1999. In early 2004, Jens Christian Andersen and Leif F. Andreasen withdrew from the ownership and were replaced by Jimmy Thinggaard.


New generational change

To coincide a change of generation, Pandalus A/S is changing ist ownership structur.  the Company expands its ownership by three long time loyal employees. From 1. January 2018 Michael Andersen, Henning Søe and Kim Tøt Baun will be a part of the Ownership.

This expansion and change of ownership, is part of the Pandalus A/S effort to further strengthen the company


Today, the day-to-day management by an experienced and dynamic team.


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