Block production

Pandalus A/S offers block-production fish processing. We are widely experienced in working with the vast majority of fish and know how they should be processed.


Ready for delivery

We make sure to optimise the freezing process so all fish are thoroughly frozen and ready for delivery to our customers, who include wholesalers from all over Western Europe.


If you are unable to pick up the fish right away, we offer storage until the time is right for you.


All processing is based on our customers’ wishes and needs. We deliver the type and quantity of fish you need and we will gladly help you with advice concerning varieties of fish and processing.


High quality

Our longstanding experience in the fishery industry enables us to meet our customers’ increasing demands for high quality and competitive prices.


At Pandalus A/S, we give priority to reliability of delivery, which we achieve in close collaboration and by careful planning with our suppliers and distribution partners.


We are always ready to assist you by telephone or e-mail if you would like to find out more about what we can do for you.

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