Primary production

Pandalus A/S specialises in selling whole, cleaned fish as well as fish fillets from our own production process. We can deliver just about any type of fish and shellfish from the North Sea depending on your preferences and the time of year.


Wide selection

Our primary production is fresh fish, and we offer a wide selection of basic commodities, including:


  • cod
  • saithe
  • haddock
  • hake
  • ling
  • cusk


We offer just about any type of fish product and deliver to all wholesalers in Western Europe. We are renowned for our quality and excellent flavour, which are just some of the reasons our customers often return.


Naturally, Pandalus A/S offers overnight delivery, and we deliver the quantity required by our customer to suit their requirements.


Great expertise

In terms of delivery, we make sure to thoroughly discuss the types and quantity of fish you need, so you are sure to get exactly the results you are looking for.


We have vast expertise of all types of fish, which enables us to provide expert guidance if you require information about the various types.


Contact us right away to learn more about what we can do for you.

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